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A glossary detailing specialist terminology for describing the construction and classification of firearms.

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O termo que descreve o conjunto montado inteiramente de componentes que criar o mecanismo de gatilho. Isto inclui, mas não está limitado a, o gatilho, cisalhamento do gatilho, cisalhamento do martelo ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The drag line is the ring of surface damage caused by the cylinder stop pin on most revolvers. It is caused by the pin dragging over the surface of the cylinder as it rotates between shots. The ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

Fluting is the removal of material around a cylindrical object in order to reduce its weight. In the realm of firearms, fluting is most often seen applied to barrels. Although, in the case of fully ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The forward assist is a system, seen almost exclusively on the AR10/15/M4 platform, that consists of a sprung button to allow the operator to correct the firearm in the case of a bolt stoppage or a ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

Grooves cut into the inside of the barrel to apply spin to the projectile to stabilise its flight. Rifling is either made from straight grooves, or a polygon which curves down the barrel in a helical ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The very end of the barrel, where the projectile leaves the firearm. The muzzle may be plain, threaded or ventilated.

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The flat surface of the bolt that engages with the rear of the ammunition to both load new rounds into the chamber and secure them in place during firing. The bolt face will have a hole for the ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

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