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Any chemical or substance used to kill or inhibit the growth of pests that damage or interfere with the growth of crops, shrubs, tress, timber and other vegetation useful to humans.

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Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

A variable, measurable property whose value is a determinant of the characteristics of a system; e.g. temperature, pressure, and density are parameters of the atmosphere.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Time from the first exposure of a chemical until the appearance of a toxic effect.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

The volume or product-level change produced by a leak in a tank.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Product-level or product-volume changes occurring during a test that are not related to a leak but may be mistaken for one.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

A layer of warm air that prevents the rise of cooling air and traps pollutants beneath it; can cause an air pollution episode.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Depositing dirt, mud or other materials into aquatic areas to create more dry land, usually for agricultural or commercial development purposes, often with ruinous ecological consequences.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

In biology, any biological entity or processes, or community whose characteristics show the presence of specific environmental conditions. 2. In chemistry, a substance that shows a visible change, ...

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