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Any term that relates to machines that can take computer text or image and transcribe it into paper form.

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Office equipment; Printers

A connection standard for transferring data that's recognized by all PCs or Macintosh computers. For example, a parallel printer port is a common interface found on virtually all PCs for transferring ...


Office equipment; Printers

The process of removing or reducing the jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines so that lines appear smooth or smoother.


Office equipment; Printers

As a PostScript term, a file containing font descriptions. Each description specifies how every character in a font family is constructed, including derivatives such as bold or italic versions.


Office equipment; Printers

The material that is printed upon, such as plain paper, glossy paper or transparency film.


Office equipment; Printers

A sequence of documents sent to a printer to be processed sequentially, usually in the order in which they were sent by the computer. Some multi-operating systems such as Linux and Windows® allow ...


Office equipment; Printers

Pirminių spalvų, rodo kurti spalvotus paveikslėlius ir aptiktas jutikliais, skaitytuvai ar fotoaparato kai fotografavimas. Keičiant santykinis intensyvumas sudaro raudona, žalia ir mėlyna, gali būti ...


Office equipment; Printers

Shrinking the size of an image. With HP's digital reduce/enlarge features, the user can specify the exact reduction or enlargement percentage needed (anything between 25% and 400%).

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