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Sri Lanka has a long history and there are some symbols of them in the country.Art is very attractive and each them has a historical value.Most of them pained on walls in temples or rocks.They are very beautiful.

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There is a long history of traditional paintings in Sri Lanka.Many people like them many much. Arts like sculpture and painting in Sri Lanka have always developed under the influence of Buddhism. Most works of sculpture in the country have been of Buddha images. The idols of Buddhas were carved from the living rock of limestone cliffs.

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Es gibt eine lange Geschichte der traditionellen Gemälde in Sri Lanka.Many Menschen wie ihnen viele viel. Kunst wie Skulptur und Malerei in Sri Lanka haben immer unter dem Einfluss des Buddhismus entwickelt. Die meisten Werke der Skulptur des Landes wurden von Buddhastatuen. Die Idole der Buddhas wurden aus dem lebenden Fels von Kalksteinfelsen geschnitzt.

Domain: Arts & crafts; Category: Antiques & collectibles

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