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All boys and men want to look strong and muscled. But most of them make one mistake - they don't care about diet. Ask any bodybuilder and he will tell you, if you want to be good-looking you should follow three points: do workout, sleep enough and eat enough to let your muscles grow.

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Powders with protein derived from cow's milk. The most popular on the market. Include whole milk, casein and whey.

Domain: Health care; Category: Nutrition

Egg protein is still one of the highest-quality proteins available. It is virtually devoid of carbs and fat, and it is readily digested and absorbed. It is a great pre- and postworkout protein. ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Nutrition

Like protein derived from cow's milk, the two major proteins in goat's milk are casein and whey. Some people are allergic to a specific casein protein in cow's milk; this has prompted the recent ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Nutrition

Whey protein isolates have the base component, water, removed and are generally lactose and cholesterol free. This makes the protein 90% concentrated by weight. The benefits of whey isolates over ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Nutrition

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