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Superstition is an irrational belief, usually founded on ignorance or fear, and characterized by obsessive reverence for omens, charms and other.

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In some parts of Turkey you may want to think twice before whipping out the chewing gum. There is a belief that if you are chewing gum at night it is actually rotting dead flesh.

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Usually grumbled by an expert who just lost a game to a novice, "beginner's luck" is the idea that newbies are unusually likely to win when they try out a sport, game or activity for ...

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The courtyard in Verona where Shakespeare's star-crossed heroine Juliet Capulet supposedly resided has become a shrine to true love. Visitors grab the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet for ...

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Perhaps it's no wonder that grapes are considered good luck in Spain. People often make a wish when eating them, and at midnight on New Year's Eve, it is a widespread custom to eat 12—representing ...

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If you need a haircut while in India, don't expect to make a Tuesday appointment. Hindu barbershops are closed because superstition dictates hair should not be cut then. Cutting your nails after ...

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Some people believe in order to bring good luck and to keep nightmares away, you must hang a horseshoe in the bedroom or on a door knob with its ends pointing upwards. This belief stems from the fact ...

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If your absolute favorite stone is the Opal, you're out of luck…literally since this stone is said to bring bad luck to whoever wears it. This superstition stemmed from the best selling novel 'Anne ...

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